When selcting your outfits for your session, choose a variety of colors and clothing suitable for all seasons! Don't limit your clothing to only the current season... Keep your options open!

Things to bring along:
Something Classic:
A timeless look.
Something Casual:
What you like to wear everyday.
Something Different:
Your own unique style.
Something Dressy:
What you feel beautiful in.
Something Personal:
Athletic uniforms, letter jackets, college sweatshirts, music, art, etc. Feel free to bring your own props as well!
Something Furry:
Pets are welcome! However, please bring along another human to pet-sit while you're in front of the camera!

How to make your senior portrait session the best:
1. Where do you start?
    Feel free to stop by the studio and take a tour. We'd love to get your experience started.
2. What to wear?
    Pick outfits that define you. What pieces give you your own unique style?
3. Who to bring?
    We want to concentrate on YOUR experience, please don't bring more than two people! Most seniors
    bring their mom or dad, but many come alone. Please leave boyfriends & girlfriends at home. If you
    want images together, schedule a friend’s session at a different time.
4. What props to bring?
    Bring items that means something to you. A game-winning ball, a trophy, a necklace... less is more!
5. Can I bring my car?
    Absolutely! Make sure to hit the carwash before you come.
6. How early should I arrive?
    Ten minutes early is perfect. This allows time to check in and relax before your appointment. Do not
    be late! If you are more than fifteen minutes late we may have to reschedule part of your session.
7. What about rain?
    Don't cancel! We will photograph the studio portion of your session and discuss outdoor options while
    you're here.
8. I have a blemish and I’m freakin’ out!
    It's okay! Our team will take care of blemishes and fine lines while retouching your portraits!
9. Your senior portraits should be uniquely you!
    Share concepts you may have and we will work with you to achieve the look you're wanting.
10. Lastly, relax and have fun!
     Your senior portraits only happen once, enjoy the pampering and attention!